"Life affords no greater responsibility, no greater privilege than raising the next generation" C. Everett Koop


At the Parenting Partnership we equip you with knowledge gained through years of experience and the latest research to help you bring up confident, cooperative and resilient children - and there's a manual too! 

"If you have children - or if you’re even vaguely planning to have them at some point in the future – take this course." Alice Rose, Tatler Education Editor and Mum of 3 boys

“The Parenting Partnership course has changed the soundtrack of my life” Mum of 3 girls, 6, 8 & 10


The 10 session Positive Parenting Skills Course will give you in-depth training in core skills to help you parent patiently, calmly and effectively. Our course, developed by The Parent Practice, Clapham is based on the latest research and years of practical experience. 

The 5 session Core Positive Parenting Skills Course incorporates the first five modules of the Positive Parenting Skills Course. Our shortened programme will equip you with fundamental skills to help you parent more easily, calmly and effectively.   

What's On

10 session Core Positive Parenting Skills Course 
When: Monday evenings starting October 16th , 7pm until 9pm  The Old Rectory, Saintbury, Nr Chipping Campden WR12 7PX 

5 Session Core Positive Parenting Skills Course
When: Tuesday evenings starting September 19th, 7pm until 9pm Frogmore House, Evesbatch, Bishops Frome WR6 5BD

5 Session Core Positive Parenting Skills Course
When: Thursday mornings starting September 21st, 8:30 am until 10:30 am. For parents at the Elms School 

Organise your own private workshop
If you would like to organise a workshop with a group of likeminded parents in your area or home please contact us on (01386)  854 651 to discuss how we can help.

We offer 2 ½ hour workshops developed around particular topical subjects that are commonly experienced within families such as: 

• Raising confident children
• The Tweens and Teens years 
• Parenting in the Digital Ag
• Setting up for successful school holidays
• Building a resilient child
• Bringing up Boys/Girls
• Positive discipline 



"I feared the two and a half hour Setting up for the holidays workshop would not be long enough to get into details; I was wrong. Heather and Panda used that brief time to demonstrate how powerful this process can be. I was blown away with how much information flowed with passion, humour and enthusiasm. The process was enlightening." 
Dad of 7
"What I have really loved is the input from other participants on the course; women and men who are accomplished in their professional fields who want to do as good a job of parenting as they have in their careers. All have boys and girls at different ages and stages and so contribute a rich range of experiences to the discussion, those to which our new found skills can be applied. " 
Mum of 1
"This workshop was useful in helping me to understand what our son will be going through, how that will affect him and how we can positively help him navigate his way through his teens."
Dad of 1
"Very positive with lovely humorous touches. I liked the fact it sought to give practical strategies – very helpful." 
Mum of 3


The Parenting Partnership is licensed to deliver positive parenting courses devised by the Parent Practice giving parents of the Cotswolds access to the latest knowledge, research and skills to help them to bring out the best in their children. Parenting Partnership offers courses, workshops, and one to one sessions that provide parents with insights into children’s behaviour and the opportunity to learn a practical fresh, positive approach to building self esteem, resilience, confidence and cooperation among your own children all within a comfortable and confidential environment.
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